My photography style is very relaxed and informative. I get as much information as possible from clients beforehand, listening closely to discover personal aspects from the individual, couple, or family so I can properly capture the desired moments at the most opportune time. I have been doing photography and weddings for over 20 years so lots of experience and ideas come with the package. The end result: we all have a wonderful time together and I create beautiful and memorable images from our experience.

I started out as a painter. Then I got a job at a photolab years ago and started taking pictures. I was able to print my own work. I fell in love with the process, it was so much fun. I am still in love with it. There’s so much to being a photographer. It’s really an amazing career. I love working with people. People fascinate me and I love to find out how people work. What they want, what they expect, and how to achieve it with grace. I do a lot of consultation with my clients and try to find out the details about them, their guests and family. I love to hear their stories their past and future hopes and dreams. All of this helps me to make pictures that are more personal. I have years of experience. The connections I have with my other vendors are priceless. We work together seamlessly to help make the wedding day go smooth and beautifully. I’m very familiar with all of the venues around Asheville and Western North Carolina, and all the elements play a part in my decision making. Being the wedding photographer is very complex and exhilarating. I’m so thankful that I am able to make a living doing my passion.

I’ve recently been remarried. I now have four kids. Who are all wonderful people and I’m so blessed to have them my life. I love the outdoors I am definitely an outdoor camping hiking working in the garden person. I own four horses and love to train  and ride them. That has been a passion since I was a baby. I love animals of all kinds and have rescued many, helping find them homes. I have done quite a bit of traveling, 17 different countries to be exact, and lived in other parts of the world for two years of my life. I have taken pictures all along way. I love yoga, exercising, yard work, music, singing, playing guitar and also the djembe drum. I love to scuba dive and snorkel though I’m terrified of sharks. I studied shark behavior and I know that my likelihood of getting bit by a shark is so small, yet I still have trouble shaking in fear. But I don’t let it stop from being in the water.

That’s a little bit about me. I would love to hear about you some.