Audrey Goforth is a 20 year veteran of the Asheville photography business. She remembers moving to Western North Carolina from San Diego California in 1996 and finding The Biltmore Estate and The Grove Park Inn were basically the only venues available for larger events. She quickly became one of their preferred vendors and over the ensuing 20 years, Asheville has become a hot spot for destination weddings and Audrey has become an integral part of the wedding community. Accordingly Audrey has connected with the long time wedding vendors including Wedding Inspiration’s Gwen Ford and Luck from the Flower Gallery. She is also grateful for the support she has received from other photographers such as Woodward and Rick and Michael Oppenheim.

Audrey Goforth has kept up with the changes in the profession over the years, but “fondly” remembers the days of film and carrying around 75 pounds of Hasselblad camera gear. Though Audrey feels that the digital era has created many positive changes, her experience with film has taught her invaluable techniques lost in the digital generation. So don’t be surprised on occasion to see Audrey pull out her Hasselblad or use film.

One of the things that Audrey has mastered that has allowed her to demonstrate her artistic skill is platinum palladium printing. This is a very old style of printing using platinum metals making the prints very archival and durable throughout the centuries. There’s nothing quite like the beauty or value of a platinum palladium print.

Audrey is continuing to grow and keep up with technology. She uses state-of-the art digital equipment and has developed relationships with the best professional labs for printing her expertly edited digital images on metal, cotton fiber paper and beautiful professional photographic paper. Audrey stays up to date by attending workshops with renowned photographers throughout the country. Recently she has delved into photographing landscapes and learning new editing techniques and she is always experimenting with fashion. In her spare time you will find her visiting galleries to see what other artist are creating, validating her feeling that creative opportunities are endless.

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